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Jim & Deans can help you finance your car repairs with “Title Bucks”

August 8, 2012 1 comment

Financing Car Repair in Rowlett

To be exact, a company called Title Bucks, who works with various mechanic shops nationwide are able to generate a loan for your car so you can pay for the repairs.


You bring your can into the shop and it needs costly repairs, you can’t afford to pay for it all at once. We have access to a company that will come out, inspect your car, appraise the car value, write up a contract for a title loan, and cut they you a check so you can pay for the repairs. Simple huh?

Many times the appraisal is far more than the repairs so you can opt for taking more money for the loan and pocket the difference, or just get an exact dollar amount, the choice is yours.

This is very helpful when you have a problem car that is breaking you but the cost of repair is far less than buying a new car.

I have spoken with Ray who is the owner of Jim & Deans Garage, and he said he wished this option had been around long ago. He could have saved many cars from having to be claimed by his shop for non-payment. This option would have been very helpful to people in stressed times to get them over the hump so they could get back on their feet.

In fact I was talking to Ray today when he said a person finally bought this old pink Cadillac that was a collector edition. I asked didn’t you get that car by default; he said “yes, the person couldn’t pay the bill so I can to get a mechanics lien and claim title”. He sold the car for $9000.00 to a lawyer who is going to fix it up.

Jim & Deans Garage does not like doing this practice at all, they would much rather get paid for the work done and have a satisfied client any day over mechanics liens.


Beware Ford Truck Triton Owners 5.4L 3v 2004-2008 replacing spark plugs

August 8, 2012 1 comment

Fords spark plugs are very expensive to replace if your not careful

If you have not had to change your spark plugs then you are in for a shock.

As you may know all shops operate on book time, that means if you take you car into the shop they will charge you X amount of time at X dollars according to what Chilton’s Book rates are.

This is standard practice across all shops that way they are competitive, except for this one thing in particular.

Spark Plugs – Are not set in hours or book time for one simple reason, they are not able to calculate the time for a major flaw in these trucks. You are at the mercy of the shop, and mechanic, for getting this done with the least amount of time/money involved.

Reason: Ford made these truck with a really weird spark plug that has a potentially defective part. The spark plug it’s self. You have to take extra care when removing them or else they will break off in the head. Once they break off part of the plug actually drops into the head requiring it to be fished out wit ha special tool. This is not going to be cheap and the cost is based on man hours only, no book time.

But that is not the worst part?

There are cases that the plug will actually blow out of the head, stripping the threads as it does this. Now you will have to tap the hole where the plug was at and use a helicoil to re-insert a new plug. This is very expensive costing an average of 150 bucks per plug.

Do it yourself?

This is only for the brave and experienced, or else you will be visiting your friendly mechanic very fast. You can do this yourself, so here is your friendly advice.

Tip of the day.

Only change the plugs when the motor is cold (never hot), you will need to get some penetrating oil and soak them in this to help loosen the carbon build up(recommended several hours). The carbon is actually the cause of the plug breaking in the first place, in fact, the carbon buildup comes from (corn) ethanol that is added to the gasoline. You will need to back the plug out slowly and spray more oil onto the plug and let it sit so that the carbon will fall off and not bind-up the plug.

If you are very careful and take your time you can get the plugs out and replace them, just be sure and follow the tips above or else you will be cursing the day you bought the truck. Also praying does not hurt in this case either…

If you live in Rockwall TX, your in luck, just stop by Jim & Deans Garage and they can do this for you at the best price going.

Volkswagen Jetta owners don’t change your battery before reading this first

August 6, 2012 2 comments

Before you change your battery read this first

Volkswagen Jetta owners from 1996 and up are in danger of extra costs just for changing the battery.

That’s right if you change your battery you will lose the following codes and you will have to take it to the dealer so they can reprogram them at an average cost of $150.00 more or less, depending on how many codes are disrupted.

Radio – Needs to be reprogrammed, will not play or turn on.

Note: you can get the code before hand so you can manually reset it you just need to know how to get the code before hand.

ECM – Will make the car not idle properly, run rough, or act like it’s missing.

Note: You need a professional to get this code out and to reprogramming the computer, you must find a person with a machine that can reads car codes and be able to do this for you. Jim & Deans can do this for a small fee and not at dealer cost.

Water pump – This is something you can’t get around, they make it out of plastic and will come apart under heat or heavy stress.

Note: You can replace this yourself or take it to your trusted mechanic like Jim & Deans Garage.

This is your tip of the day…

Jim & Deans Garage is now blogging

August 3, 2012 1 comment

201 E Washington St
Rockwall, TX 75087
972 771-3520 or 972.722.3520

Jim & Deans Garage 201 E. Washington Rockwall TX 75087 click on picture for a map to this address.

NOTE: Be careful when you Google this address it’s not correct in their maps.

One of our customers gave us this review, please feel free to comment on our page or email us anytime.

Ray the owner is an honest straight shooter. He diagnosed my clutch problem over the phone. He waited for me to get out of work to drop off the car. The repair was completed by the next day. He explained in detail what was wrong and even showed me the old part. He was fair on the price and prompt. I will be back for any future repairs. 

George G.

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